The Elevator Pitch is potentially the most important selling skill a person can master.  It’s name comes from getting onto an elevator with someone and telling them in a very short period of time (from one floor to the next) why they should hire you, do business with you, or invest in your company.  No Power Point.  No charts.  No graphs.  Just you making a short and focused verbal presentation, preferrably ending in a call to action or a close.

If you’re in a networking group, a leads group such as BNI, or just meeting people at the coffee shop you know how important it is focus your thoughts into a short, concise pitch.  But how often do these Elevator Pitch moments present themselves?  Only once in awhile.  That’s what My Elevator Pitch is all about.  Now you can make your pitch 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the web and on the newest, fastest growing digital platform:  Amazon Echo smart speakers.  

Already have your Elevator Pitch?   Just record it and send it to us and we do the rest.  Need help writing your pitch?  We can help.  Need help recording you pitch?  We can help with that as well.

With My Elevator Pitch your pitch can be working for you when you’re not working.  Isn’t the digital world a beautiful place?